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Allergies in Humans and Pets -
Cause and Cure

Understanding Why Many People and Many Pets Have Allergies and How to be Allergy-Free.

Today we live in a seemingly hostile world where the very food that is supposed to nourish us turns against the eater and produces frightening and frustrating bodily symptoms. Often we blame this on external stress factors in our environment - air pollution, industrial chemicals, food chemicals, household chemicals, cigarette smoke, and work and family-related stresses.

These externals do have a part to play, but there is something more all-pervading and insidious gradually infiltrating our food, and the food we give our pets. Why else are we and our animals so sick?

The answer, when you know it, is mind-blowing. Put simply, we have messed up big time by fundamentally changing the foods our bodies were designed to process.

FACT: Here is what we in the Western world are now ingesting in astronomical quantities:

  • gluten in hybridised wheat - created at 5%, now at 55%;
  • casein in cow's milk - 85% - NOT designed for human consumption;
  • soya - containing dangerous levels of estrogen and glutamate - NOT designed as a staple food;
  • corn hybridised and now containing glutamate;
  • hydrogenated oils containing transfats, implicated in coronary heart disease and cancer;
  • the flesh of scavenger animals - see The Leviticus Diet.
The bottom line is that our continual, high consumption of these body poisons challenges our immune system and strips our nutrients to the point where we become allergic to a myriad of other things also (secondary allergies). We are gradually seeing the results of this folly in our own spiralling health. But more dramatically even than that, the use of corn and wheat in the diets of our pets has wreaked havoc with pet health over an even shorter span of time.

Do not miss the complete story of this health debacle based on scientific and scriptural research, that explains very clearly how far we have gone wrong, and how to rectify the situation for yourself, your family and your pets.

Written by a veterinarian with 26 years of practice and 5 years of intensive research of this problem behind him, the DogtorJ website is a must read for anyone who cares about their own health and that of their pets. PLEASE READ IT NOW.

For more information about soya Click HERE.

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