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Angstrom-sized Minerals   

For the first time, minerals are now available in Angstrom size. What does this mean?
We are talking particle size.

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Angstrom-sized minerals are 100% assimilable by the body at the cellular level. Many people do not realise the particle size of minerals makes all the difference when it comes to absorption into the human body. Minerals have to get into the bloodstream and be absorbed by our cells before they can be effective, and traditional ground-up mineral particles have very poor absorption - 1% - and are mostly excreted.

Colloidal minerals which are of Micron size were formulated to be more effective. But the truth of the matter is that these are still too large for our cells to assimilate properly. If you shine a laser light through colloidal mineral liquid you can see the mineral particles floating in it.

Absorption of colloidals is 3-5% at the very best because even if they enter the bloodstream, cellular absorption is poor. These minerals remain in the blood and the body has to dispose of them by dumping them into the heart valves, arteries, pancreas, or other organs.

Angstrom-sized minerals are 100% assimilable at the cellular level - they are absorbed into the bloodstream from the upper stomach, being naturally ionised and totally soluble. Once in the bloodstream, because they are 10,000 times smaller than the micron-sized colloidal minerals, they can be absorbed and used by the cells.

The Important thing about them is:
  • Angstrom-sized minerals are organic in their action.
  • You can select the specific mineral or minerals required to help any given deficiency situation in the body - this means the mineral intake can be tailor-made to assist with specific deficiency states.
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