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Candida Albicans - Candidiasis - The Yeast Syndrome

Foods To Avoid

There is a theory: "Just get the body's acid/alkaline balance right, and the Candida will go." I am not convinced. Yes, acid/alkaline balance is crucial. BUT...we are no longer living on natural, untampered foods grown in rich, untampered soil. Our bodies are not basically anything but immune compromised, and our systems need to be helped to recover by strictly avoiding the challenge of wrong foods in the diet, at least for a substantial recovery period.

There are two major problems faced by anyone trying to get rid of Candida:

Firstly, from my own experience I would say that if Candida has gained any sort of a foothold in your system at all, dietary measures will have to be enforced - and strictly. It's a matter of recognising what needs to be done - then 'get over it', as far as cravings for forbidden foods are concerned.

Secondly, you must know what foods or food elements trigger Candida, and accept that they are often hidden in prepared foods. You need a VERY comprehensive list of what is NOT good for you, and you need to be extremely canny about reading labels - some apparently innocent product may contain an item that will actually trigger and feed your Candida.

Sugars #SugarSucroseFructoseMaltose
Maple SyrupMaple SugarDate SugarCarob
Sugar-containing Foods ##CakesBiscuitsMuffinsSweets
Canned FoodsSoft DrinksHealth BarsDried Fruit
Yeasts & MoldsBrewers'Bakers'MushroomsTruffles
Yeast-containing FoodsBreadsBreadcrumbsPastriesPizzas
Cheeses **ButtermilkSour CreamSour Milk
Alcoholic BeveragesWineBeerWhiskeyBrandy
MaltVinegars *TamariMayonnaise
Fruits, DrinksMelonsJuices *#Fruit SkinsDried Fruit
Candied FruitFruit MinceTea/Coffee @ 

# Includes monosaccharides and polysaccharides and all quick-acting carbohydrates.

## Includes packaged, canned and processed foods which usually contain sugar and other hidden ingredients. Even canned vegetables contain sugar, remember!

* Includes cider vinegar.

** Includes prepared foods with cheese and cheese-containing snacks. All cheeses contain molds, but moldy cheeses like Blue Vein and Roquefort are the worst.

*# Includes the latest 'miracle' health juices. No doubt these contain many valuable nutrients, BUT that does not outweigh the damaging effect of the natural sugars these juices contain. BEWARE!!

@ Do not grieve for the loss of tea and coffee from your diet. Black tes and coffee are acid-forming in the system, though green tea is alkaline. Research does show black and green teas are high in fluorine content and the effects of high fluorine intake are something we can all do without. If you need persuading on this one, Click Here

Beware also of left-over foods which develop unseen molds very fast - deep freezing is the best way to avoid this.

Note: This list is not exhaustive but it gives the main categories. You must think creatively and read labels to realise the all-pervading nature of these 2 main categories - Sugars and Yeasts - in prepared foodstuffs especially, and where you might not expect it. For example, sugar is to be found in canned vegetables, yeast is in most cracker biscuits, and so on....

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