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We love E-Books - they are a wonderful way to share information - great to download and use for research off the net, or for printing out to read at leisure in hard copy.

We have a growing library of FREE Downloads - don't underestimate these. They are all excellent value. Our own books you will find nowhere else on the net, and some of the other Free Downloads you will actually find for sale elsewhere.

We have a number of Health E-Books we recommend that may be what you need. You can buy these either from us or through us. The main links for these are on the appropriate Health News pages, but we also have a complete listing - see link below.

Recipe E-Books are a great way to add variety to your cooking. Check out our Recipe E-Books page below - it is being expanded all the time!

Use these links to access E-Books on this site:

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Hard Copy Books Recommended by Health News

Note: Most of these books I have on my shelves and refer to continually. Some of them I used as part of my work in the Health Shop, and came to value the information they contain.

The Truth About the Drug Companies Marcia Angell

Folk Medicine D C Jarvis MD
Arthritis and Folk Medicine D C Jarvis MD

Alkalize or Die Dr T. Baroody
Reverse Aging Sang Y Whang
Acid & Alkaline Herman Achiara
The Calcium Factor - The Scientific Secret of Health & Youth Robert R Barefoot
The Liver Cleansing Diet Dr Sandra Cabot
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause
The Natural Progesterone Breakthrough
John A Lee MD
Strong Women Stay Young Miriam Nelson PhD
Ageless Ageing L Kenton
Second Youth Vernice Gabriel
Stay Alive Longer! Lelord Kordel
Eat Your Troubles Away Lelord Kordel

The Miracle Nutrient Coenzyme Q10 E Bliznakov & G Hunt
Colostrum: Life's First Food Daniel Clark MD and Kaye Wyatt

How to Fight Cancer and Win W L Fischer

Eat Right 4 Your Type Peter D'Adamo
The Complete Book of Food Combining Jan Dries
Food Combining for Vegetarians Jackie Le Tissier
The Food Combining Cookbook Jean Joice

The Healing Power of Herbs May Bethel
The Holistic Herbal David Hoffmann
The Illustrated Herbal Handbook Juliette de Bairacli Levy
Today's Herbal Health Louise Tenney
Pocket Guide to Your Herbal Medicine Chest Nancy Evelyn

The Health Revolution R Horne - Happy Landings Pty Ltd, Aust.
Can You Remember What to Take? J Priest - Healthy Options Ltd, NZ.

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