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Natural Products
Golden Fields - the NZ source for Organic Coffee Substitutes.
Home of - Australian Lavender Products

Avoid Chemicals In Your Daily Life
Citrus Magic PetCare - Natural products collection designed to care for your pet, and eliminate pet odors in every room of the home.

Citrus Magic Cleaning and HomeCare - You will love the fresh, all natural fragrances our cleaning and odor eliminating products leave. No more harsh chemicals.

Citrus Magic Car Care Products - Odor eliminating, cleaning, and Travellers' Kits! Also Bug and Tar remover!

FREE Ebooks - Free Downloads on this site - including Uses of Vinegar in Household Cleaning!

Eco Store - the NZ source for products that are friendly to Us and our Planet.

Is Your Cookware Poisoning You?
Fumes from Teflon cookware will kill birds - what about the rest of the household's health?

Natural Paints, Oils and Finishes for your home. Shipped throughout New Zealand or overseas by arrangement.

Asbestos - How to Identify and Deal with It.

Better Health For you and Your Pets
Online sources of pH papers:
In USA: pH papers - scroll down to the second item on the page.
Wilderness Family Naturals - the wider range option is the best.

Treatments for Internal Parasites in Humans and Animals:
Humans - Adults and Children
Animals - Cats Dogs, Horses, Goats

Online sources of Treatments External Parasites:
In New Zealand:
Eco Store Cat and Dog Flea Oil 50ml
Eco Store Flee Flea Food Supplement 350g
Crawling Insect Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)
What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth
What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Grazed - First Aid Kits - USA

Hire The Author Of This Site

Freelance Creative 1 - freelance graphics-illustration-copywriting

Shop Organic
Kerikeri Organics - New Zealand Oganic Foods
Golden Fields - the NZ source for Organic Coffee Substitutes.
Organic Directory NZ - find organic products and services.

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1) Heal Your Food Blog!
2) The Alzheimers Carer
2) Patricia Howitt's Art Blog

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Known as the "Tree of Life", the wonderful fruit of the coconut palm is rich in specific fats that have incredible health benefits.

Traditional tropical populations that consume a lot of coconut oil are seldom overweight, and are generally free from the modern diseases that afflict most western cultures.

See also: Tropical Traditions - Home of America's favorite Coconut Oil.

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Visit The Animal Rescue Site
Your click provides a bowl of food for an abused, neglected or abandoned animal. They have great gift ideas, too, so buy a gift - help even more!

Visit The Hunger Site at the U.N.
Click a button and somewhere in the world some hungry
person gets a meal to eat at no cost to you.
The food is paid for by corporate sponsors whose logos you get to look at afterwards.

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