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Minerals 1: Nature's Universal Elements
Available Again At Last

Minerals 1: Calcium - Platinum

Minerals have been provided by nature in rocks and soil, for the use of plants, animals and man. The action of the natural environment - including micro-organisms and worms - breaks down the rock minerals into organic minerals the plants can absorb and use. Plants were designed to take the organic minerals created by nature in soil and water and turn them into a form of organic minerals that were easy for man and animals to use.

We have destroyed this process by destroying our soils. Scientific studies show that our soils were depleted by 85% in the 100 years prior to 1992 (Proceedings of International Soil Summit, Rio 1992). Our plants are no longer getting the minerals they need, and that means that minerals in the form designed for use in our bodies are just not available to us in the quantity we require. In fact, as far back as 1936 the American Congress went on record as saying that even at that time it was impossible to eat enough vegetables to meet our nutritional requirements of organic minerals.

So what have we done to rectify this? We began by producing minerals from ground-up rock particles. These are not organic minerals and they are not assimilated by our bodies, yet many of the supplements still available today contain minerals of this grade. We then produced colloidal minerals - micron-sized - but these are only barely more capable of assimilation by the body. Basically the very best we can expect from minerals of this grade is a 3% availability.

We are starving, and today's degenerative diseases are evidence of that fact.

Below is vital information about the minerals our bodies require and their function in our systems. Take heart as you read this, because there is now available from Water Divine a range of minerals of the required Angstrom size (ie Organic) which you can use in conjunction with this information to help your health and the health of those around you. Each mineral description is followed by a table of the conditions that the mineral helps. So please read on, because the knowledge you will gain below will empower you to take control of all your health issues.

Calcium: The most abundant mineral in the body. Should co-exist with phosphorus in the proportion of 2.5:1 - two and a half as much Ca as P. Must also be in balance with Magnesium - too much Calcium in the body leads to depletion of Magnesium and any Calcium supplement taken must contain Magnesium in the proper proportions to avoid the results of Magnesium depletion - see Magnesium below. Helps maintain acid-alkaline balance of the body and assists blood clotting. Important for cell division. Essential for healthy bones and teeth, and healthy blood. In combination with Magnesium it controls electro-chemical process in heartbeats - Ca requirements are increased with quickening of the heartbeat. Controls health of muscles and nerves. Protects against lead toxicity. (Co-factors: A, C, D, E, iodine (healthy thyroid), magnesium, manganese, silica, hydrochloric acid.)

One of the best sources of Calcium is Coral Calcium which is mined from the debris of coral shelves off the coast of Okinawa. You can get a top quality Coral Calcium for the best possible price HERE. Click the Products link on the left of the page and select Coral Calcium. Take note of the Testimonials, too. This particular brand has the highest levels of Calcium and Magnesium in correct proportions that I have found yet - plus Vitamin D for absorption. This product has made an emormous improvement in my own health.

Note: Calcium absorption varies considerably depending on source. The very best - 100% - is obtained from Calcium in the Angstrom sized form available from Water Divine. Using this in proper proportion with Magnesium ensures the very best balance, optimum availability, most economical use, and no waste product in the body tissues. When inferior Calcium products are used, Calcium that cannot be absorbed is laid down in body tissues in the form of dangerous and painful calcification.
Note: The two hormones involved in osteoporosis are parathyroid hormone (PTH) and thyrocalcitonin (TCT). Osteoporosis occurs when these are out of balance - too much PTH and not enough TCT. These hormones are stimulated by Ca levels in the blood. When blood Ca levels are low, PTH is called into action to dissolve bone; when blood Ca is high, TCT is triggered to block the action of PTH.
Note: Ca absorption is blocked by phytic acid (wheat), oxalic acid (spinach, rhubarb, chocolate), penicillin, chloromycetin, neomycin, and steroids. Persons with thyroid disorders are vulnerable to Ca loss.

ArthritisAcidosisMuscleContractionHeart Rhythm
CavitiesCateractsEnlarged HeartHormoneProduction
GallstonesWound HealingImmune SystemBlood Clotting
Hi Blood PressureStomach AcidOsteoporosisSpots on Nails
pH BalanceADDBell's Palsy  

Iodine: Health of the thyroid. Prevents hardening of arteries (esp. aorta). Regulates body's use of food - basal metabolism. Health of hair, nails, skin and teeth - all dependant on thyroid function. Deficiency results in sexual apathy, loss of mental reaction, dry brittle hair, general lethargy.
Note: Increased requirement during pregnancy.

HypoThyroidismScaly Dry SkinSterilityHormone Balance

Iron: A major component of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein of blood. Since oxygen is vital to the health and vitality of all tissues, and the release of energy, iron deficiency is a significant health risk. Iron is found in the enzyme system that produces energy and in the muscles as part of the protein that absorbs and reserves energy. Iron in the blood plasma is used in the bone marrow to make more haemoglobin and form more enzymes. Important for health of hair. In the absence of sufficient B6, iron is not utilised properly, but forms granular deposits in the blood cells. Only 10% of the iron taken in food is absorbed. Ascorbic acid usually increases the assimilation of iron from food. (Co-factors: B6, B12, folic acid, C, calcium, cobalt, copper, phosphorus, hydrochloric acid.)

Magnesium: The miracle mineral - responsible for health of nerves and muscles. Anti-stress relaxing and calming. The primary regulator of the electrical activity in the body. Activates certain enzymes in the body - esp for carbohydrate digestion. Needed for utilisation of the B vitamins, protein synthesis and growth, nerve impulse transmission and control of sodium, potassium and calcium transport in the body. Keeps the pituitary gland from over-functioning. NB pituitary controls all other glands in the body. Helps fight kidney stones. Controls calcium in its regulation of the heartbeat by providing electrical charge. Effective against high blood pressure. Lack causes dilation of blood vessels, nutritional failure (breakdown of glucose into energy fails because enzymes are not being controlled by ribosomes and mitochondria), kidney damage, polyuria, loss of hair, excitability, mental confusion and convulsions. (Co-factors: B6, C, D, calcium, phosphorus, protein.)

Kidney StonesCrampsMigrainesEnlarged Prostate
Heart WeaknessMuscle WeaknessCalcificationNeuromuscular
Growth FailureVertigoOverexcitedTeen Problems

Platinum: It was reported in the early 70's that when platinum was used in dyes to improve
x-ray read capability many of the lumps in breasts screened were shrinking or disappearing. Platinum was subsequently replaced with a radioactive chemical to read x-rays better.

Nerve DamageMental AlertnessNeuralgiaChronic Fatigue
Gland DysfunctionHeadachesPMSBack Pain

The Diabetes Combination

Vanadium/Chromium/Zinc: This is a special combination of insulin-regulating minerals that can have a profoundly beneficial effect in controlling diabetes. Water Divine has created a special combination formula of these three minerals specifically to aid diabetes sufferers.

Blood CholesterolHyperactivityHypoglycemiaAnxiety
ADDHi Blood PressureCholesterolHyperglycemia
Insulin Imitator      

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Note:The above information is offered not as a prescription or in place of proper medical care, but as a report on research findings which may be of interest. In cases of sickness, the attention and care of a nutritionally aware health professional are essential.

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