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pH - The Acid/Alkaline Balance of the Blood

Having the correct Acid/Alkaline balance of our body fluids is vital for health. Our correct blood pH is 7.4 - very slightly on the alkaline side of neutral. This is how we were designed to function and our body is forever striving to maintain that pH level.

It is important to understand that the pH thing is not just a piece of fancy chemistry we don't need to worry too much about. Here are just three simple reasons why:

  • If our body pH sinks below 4.0. we die.
  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi and all disease-producing organisms flourish in an acidic medium and die in alkaline conditions. The same is true of Cancer cells. So once our body pH starts to drop below neutral, we are opening the door for disease right there.
  • All the many Enzymes required for every function in our bodies will not work under acid conditions.

So if we keep our body fluids alkaline, we are setting up the first line of defence against disease. More than that, if we already have disease in our bodies, changing our body pH from acid to alkaline is the first step towards ridding ourselves of whatever disease we have.

Body pH is affected by many things - the foods we eat, the drinks we consume, stress, exposure to toxins and chemicals to name just a few. We have a measure of control over all these things - and in particular the foods and drinks we consume. So it makes sense to try and understand how different foods affect our body pH.

For example, Cola rates at 2.5 - way too low.

For more information to help you understand pH balance, please read the following, on this site: It also makes sense to test your body pH - which will immediately show you where your body is at. You can do this by purchasing saliva pH testing paper, stocked in some health food stores and pharmacies. You need a narrow range pH paper measuring pH 4.5 to 7.5 or 8.5.

Do the test about 10am - about 2 hrs after a meal and at the same time of the day every time you test. Rinse out your mouth and get a good flow of saliva. Insert the end of a paper onto your tongue for a few seconds then compare the color with the chart that comes with the pH paper.

Online sources of pH papers: pH papers - the second item on the page.
Wilderness Family Naturals - the wider range option is the best.

Make a list of the foods you consume regularly and check their pH values - you may be eating yourself to death literally! Think about your children also - check out the Acidity of Coca Cola and other soft drinks above! We have another source that confirms the pH of Coca Cola HERE.

Remember too that Enzymes are living substances and they require the correct pH range to enable them to function. Given the fact that our foods are most often short on enzymes anyway, it's not a good idea to kill off those we actually do get into our bodies by providing an acid medium in your body.

For more about enzymes check out Enzymes - The Catalysts - Lack or non-functioning of enzymes leads to rapid ageing and fatigue and lays the foundation for chronic disease to develop.

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