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Please do not think that parasites cannot happen to you. Many of us are thoroughly familiar with parasites in animals. But it's easy to forget that all living creatures are subject to parasite infestation.

It's no good trying to fool ourselves that parasites in humans belong in third world conditions and tsunami-stricken areas either. The fact of the matter is that parasites in living beings are everywhere and we are no exception to that, especially at this time when our immune systems have become severely compromised by mineral and vitamin deficits, stress and exposure to chemicals and toxins.

Every one of us needs to take parasite cleansing seriously, and especially parents with children, and families with farms or pets. Parasites can wear us down, steal our nutriments, deplete our immune systems, and bring us disease and infection.

If you have not yet listened to one of Walt Merriman's Nutritional Seminars I strongly suggest you do so as a first priority. It will leave you in no doubt of the importance of dealing with parasites in yourself and the ones you care for, as a first step to recovering full health and energy:

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Remember that it's wise to make a parasite cleanse an annual event, and that this task can be simply and totally effectively achieved by using the Angstrom-sized liquid mineral Copper from the Water Divine range.


Ascaris lumbricoides and Ascaris suum.
Ascaris are parasitic worms in the intestines of various terrestrial animals, chiefly herbivores. They are typically large worms characterized by a mouth surrounded by three lips.

The species Ascaris lumbricoides is probably the most familiar parasite in humans. An almost identical worm, often called A. suum, occurs in pigs.

The intestinal roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides infection in humans follows the ingestion of Ascaris eggs that have contaminated foods or soil. In the small intestine the larvae are liberated and migrate through the intestinal wall, reaching the lungs, where they may produce a host sensitization that results in lung inflammation and fluid retention. About 10 days later, the larvae pass from the respiratory passages into the digestive tract and mature into egg-producing worms, which grow to some 15 to 40 cm (6 to 16 inches) in length, in the small intestine. Serious, even fatal, complications of ascariasis result from the infiltration of the larvae into sensitive tissues, such as the brain, and from the migration of the adult worms into various body structures where they produce abcesses and toxic manifestations.

Ascariasis exists worldwide and is believed to affect some 660 million persons.


Ancylostoma spp. and Necator spp.
Hookworm infection begins when the worm is in the larval stage. It penetrates the skin and migrates during its life cycle through the liver and the lungs, and it attaches to the mucosa of the small intestine where it matures.

Hookworms deplete the body of nutrients, and a major effect is severe chronic iron-deficiency anemia.

Necator americanus, which ranges in size from 5 to 11 millimetres (0.2 to 0.4 inch), is responsible for about 90 percent of human hookworm infections that occur in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Ancylostoma duodenale, 8 to 13 millimeters long, is found on all continents but is most prevalent in warm regions. A. braziliense, from 8 to 11 millimetres long, is normally parasitic in dogs and cats; man, however, is sometimes infected by this species in the southern United States, South America, and Asia. A. ceylanicum, normally parasitic in dogs, is sometimes found in man in South America and Asia. A. duodenale, possesses four hooklike teeth in its adult stage, and N. americanus has plates in its mouth rather than teeth.

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Note: The above information is offered not as a prescription or in place of proper medical care, but as a report on research findings which may be of interest. In cases of sickness, the attention and care of a nutritionally aware health professional are essential.

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