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Soya - Legal Proceedings

New Zealand lawyers have compiled an extensive database from the numerous replies they received to a few local newspaper advertisements. There is no doubt that considerable harm is being done to babies daily by these products, even though it may take ten years or more to become apparent.

With the database already established, they, in conjunction with lawyers in the US, intend to guage the US response. This is the text of the advertisement:

Soy Infant Formulas
Scientists from the US Food and Drug Administration and elsewhere have reported that soy contains agents that have the potential to cause thyroid and reproductive disorders in humans.

There is scientific evidence that infants fed on soy infant formula are exposed to high levels of these agents, and are accordingly at risk of developing these disorders in later life. Thyroid disorders include goiter and auto-immune thyroid disease, symptoms of which include inability to control weight, chronic tiredness/lethargy, low body temperature, hair loss, dry skin. Reproductive disorders include premature maturation, infertility and hormone imbalances.

If you or your children were fed soy infant formula and have suffered from a thyroid disorder and/or a reproductive disorder, you or your children may be able to recover damages for those injuries

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