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The Problems with Sugar

We refer to common sugar as "Pure White and Deadly" - and not without reason. This product of the sugar refining industry has been denatured to the point where it is a big hit of pure carbohydrate with no vitamins, no minerals, no enzymes - nothing, in fact to help the body absorb and utilise it.

Result?   Indigestion, Constipation, Diabetes, Degenerative Disease.

Most of the vitamin and mineral goodies from the sugar cane are actually to be found in molasses, that by-product of the sugar-refining industry that for many years we fed to our stock, with some inkling that it might be good for them. And I have heard some wonderful stories of how molasses has helped sick animals. I know also that since we realised it might also be of some use to us (yea...), it has come into its own on the health store shelves.

Honey too has established its reputation as a health food and as an antibiotic.   IF you get natural honey, you can at least be reasonably sure of getting most of the goodies that the bees created it with - the darker the honey, the more it has.

BUT we still need to be really, really careful in our use of all these sugars - and that includes white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, honey, fruit juices, golden syrup, maple syrup, malt, maltodextrin, sucrose, glucose, and any other form of "-ose" that you can think of.

Before you cry out "Oh, my - what else are you going to tell me I shouldn't eat?" think of this:

Sugars occurring in the natural world - the world where our hunter-gatherer ancestors flourished and begat our race - was NOTHING LIKE the sugars we consume by the bucketload today.

  • Firstly, natural sugars were not refined and stripped of their minerals and vitamins.
  • Secondly, they were available only as part of a whole food, which provided bulk and roughage to regulate the absorption of the sugar content into the bloodstream.
Imagine drinking a glass of pure fruit juice and the impact that has on blood sugar levels once it hits the stomach. Now compare that to eating one or maybe at the most two of the fruits from which that juice has been derived.   Imagine there are no problems with toxic chemicals on the skin of the fruit, such as we have today. What would you do if you were a hunter-gatherer?

Eat the whole of the fruit, of course!   Including the skin, pith and everything else that's edible. That would give you roughage and it would give you other vital food elements - like the white pith of oranges, rich in bioflavonoids, which assist the function of Vitamin C and promote integrity and elasticity of cell walls and body tissues. The whole thing was designed as a valuable food source, as a package, in its entirety.

Today we turn up our noses at the pith and throw it away. And you certainly won't find any pith in orange juice, so you're also missing out nutritionally, there.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Now, the fruit-juice manufacturers tell us a very different story - they tell us how healthy fruit juices are for us. That's because they love taking the "seconds" of the fruit crop and turning them into a saleable product!

Fruit juice actually isn't good for you - and in a moment I'll tell you why - but another reason to avoid it is that it may very easily contain molds. If you have candida you will find fruit-juices are a "no-no" in your diet, and you have right there the 2 reasons why - an astronomical hit of sugar to the blood (which is just what the candida yeast needs to grow and multiply on) plus the prospect of ingesting still more yeasts. None of us needs that.

In case your'e thinking, "Ah, but I don't have candida so all this doesn't apply to me!"   Well, all I can say is - don't make any rash assumptions on THAT score. Anyone who has ever taken antibiotics is at risk from candida - it's another hidden epidemic. You can read my saga with it HERE- although getting candida doesn't have to be as dramatic an episode as mine was.

Stay with me as we turn the page and I'll take you deeper into this sugar story.....

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