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These Charts concentrate mainly on the Angstrom-sized Minerals provided by Water Divine, together with Water Divine's Enzymes and Vitamins - because minerals are fundamental to the correct functioning of our bodies. Other elements that work together with the minerals are also being added. There are 6 pages of deficiencies tables, arranged alphabetically by symptoms.

At Angstrom size, these minerals are not only 100% effective; they are nutrition in a form completely available to the body (human or animal) and by studying these charts and the Synergies you can develop your own understanding of their uses and learn to select what is right for your needs and your family's.

HOWEVER there are a number of dietary factors that lie behind the health problems we are suffering. Lack of nutrients results from our having messed up big time by fundamentally changing the foods our bodies were designed to process, so we need to get a grasp on what needs to be done with diet also.

I can do no better then refer you with highest recommendations to DogtorJ, the website of John B. Symes, D.V.M. - where 26 years of veterinary experience and over 5 years of intensive research into what ails us and our animals, and what to do about it, make for a gripping and enlightening read. In addition to using this Symptoms chart system, be sure to read up on this site!

Note: The nutritional elements listed here are the main requirements in each case. Because these elements work synergistically in the body, once you identify your requirements, please refer to the Synergies Charts and the Vitamins or Minerals sections of Health News, to understand what other elements may be required to assist the action of your chosen nutritionals.

Note:The above information is offered not as a prescription or in place of proper medical care, but as a report on research findings which may be of interest. In cases of sickness, the attention and care of a nutritionally aware health professional are essential.

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