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Gland Dysfunction Platinum      
Glands Swollen Potassium      
Gioter Iodine      
Gout ManganeseMoybdenum    
Growth Failure Magnesium      
Haemorrhoids ZincCopperSulphurMSMMagnesium
VitaminC Gelatine      
Hair Grey/Brittle ZincCopperSulphurMSMMagnesium
VitaminC Gelatine      
Hair Loss ZincCopperSulphurMSMMagnesium
VitaminC Gelatine      
Headaches PotassiumMagnesiumPlatinum  
Hearing ProblemsZincManganese    
Heart Aneurisms Copper      
Heart Disease Selenium      
Heart Enlarged Calcium      
Heart Rhythm CalciumSelenium    
Heart Weakness Magnesium      
Heart Neuromuscular Potassium      
Hernias Copper      
Herpes Zinc      
Hormone Balance IodineIndiumCobalt  
Hormone Production Calcium      
Hot Flashes Selenium      
Hyperactivity V/C/Z      
Hyperglycaemia V/C/ZIndium    
Hypertension Zinc      
Hypoglycaemia V/C/ZIndium    

Note: These Charts concentrate mainly on the Angstrom-sized Minerals provided by Water Divine, together with Water Divine's Enzymes and Vitamins - because I believe without a doubt these are by far the best and most effective products on the worldwide market today. To learn more about these amazing Minerals, click HERE.

The nutritional elements listed above are the main requirements in each case. Because these elements work synergistically in the body, once you identify your requirements, please refer to the Synergies Charts and the Vitamins or Minerals sections of Health News, to understand what other elements may be required to assist the action of your chosen nutritionals.

Note:The above information is offered not as a prescription or in place of proper medical care, but as a report on research findings which may be of interest. In cases of sickness, the attention and care of a nutritionally aware health professional are essential.

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