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Minerals: Nature's Universal Elements
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Trace Minerals

Boron: This is a vital bone mineral, because it is essential for the laying down of Calcium within the bones. It assists in cartilage repair, arthritis, osteoporosis and joint disease. (Co-factors: Vitamin D, calcium.)

Bone FormationCartilage RepairArthritisOsteoporosis
Joint Disease      

Chromium: Energy production and overall good health and vitality. Role in insulin production and utilisation - helps normalise blood sugar levels. Stimulates the activity of enzymes involved in energy metabolism. Plays an important role in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholestrol in the liver. Helps control cholesterol levels and is important to many cell functions, vessel health and muscle maintenance.

DiabetesPre-DiabetesObesityHigh Cholesterol
ADDLow EnergyMuscle Weakness  

Cobalt: Precursor of Vitamin B12. Helps repair the myelin sheath. Also helps with glucose transport, poor circulation, nerve damage, and fatigue.

B12 DeficiencyEnergy LevelsCirculationFatigue
Nerve DamageNerve SheathHormone BalanceAnemia

Copper: In Angstrom form, this is the parasite killer par excellence - 100% effective against all parasites in humans and animals. Works with iron to produce haemoglobin. Involved with body's use of C by helping its oxidation in the body. Important to tensile strength and elasticity of coronary blood vessels. Lack contributes to osteoporosis. It has a function in oxygenation of tissues. Major contributor to health and colour of hair. Vitamin B6 is required for copper enzyme synthesis.

ParasitesAnaemiaGrey/Brittle HairBaldness
HerniasRuptured DiscsArthritisVaricose Veins
HardeningArteriesWrinklesHaemorrhoidsSkin Eruptions
AllergiesKawasaki DiseaseLiver CirrhosisAneurisms

Indium: A remarkable mineral. Indium may assist in depression, anxiety, fears, neurological problems and unstable sugar levels.

DepressionAnxietyFearsBlood Sugars
Weight LossWeight GainHi BloodPressureNeurological
ParkinsonsAlzheimersLow EnergyHormone Balance
Thyroid BalanceImmune SystemLactic AcidAnaemia
Bowel ProblemsCancer    

Manganese: The brain mineral involved in memory loss and lack of concentrationn. Manganese delivers nutrients to the brain. Lack also impairs glucose tolerance - implicated in diabetes. Activates enzyme systems esp relating to maternal affection and sterility in males. Essential for the utilisation of choline in the manufacture of acetylcholine in the nerve endings. Essential for growth, reproduction, and bone and tooth strength. Lack of manganese is implicated in allergies, stiff tendons, gout, ringing in the ears and stuttering.

Carpal TunnelDeafnessPMSDepression
GoutMultiple SclerosisMemory LossHearing Problems
InfertilitysLoss of LibidoConcentrationStillbirths
TremorsMuscleCoordinationStiff TendonsStuttering
MiscarriagesRinging in Ears    

Molybdenum: Molybdenum helps the body to raise its pH value and become more alkaline - Hydrogen out and pH up. Needed by the body to process MSM (Sulphur). Deficiency leads to gout, prostate infections, impotency, depression, bladder infections, allergies and asthma.

Multiple SclerosisProstate InfectionLiver DamageGout
ImpotencyInsomniaDepressionBladder Infection
Canker SoresCavitiesAcneAllergies
AnaemiaAsthmaBell's Palsy  

Selenium: Antioxidant. Catalyst. Immune booster - removes toxins from the body and works with Vitamin E to restore cell structures. Promotes healthy muscles. Delays ageing process - improvement in eye pressure. Helps heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, cystic fibrosis. May assist arthritis pain. (Co-factors: Vitamin E, methionine.)

Heart DiseaseHeart PalpitationsCardiomyopathyMultiple Sclerosis
MuscularDystrophyInfertilityHot FlashesFatigue
FybromyalgiaAge SpotsLiver SpotsAlzheimer's
AnaemiaLiver CirrhosisImmune DeficincyPremature Ageing
ScoliosisSickleCell AnemiaCystic FibrosisPancreatitis

Vanadium: Insulin Imitator - Vanadium imitates insulin function in the control of blood sugars. It makes the cells less resistant to the effects of insulin in regulating blood sugars.

DiabetesPre-DiabetesInsulin Imitator  

The Diabetes Combination

Vanadium/Chromium/Zinc: This is a special combination of insulin-regulating minerals that can have a profoundly beneficial effect in controlling diabetes. Water Divine has created a special combination formula of these three minerals specifically to aid diabetes sufferers.

Blood CholesterolHyperactivityHypoglycemiaAnxiety
ADDHi Blood PressureCholesterolHyperglycemia
Insulin Imitator      

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Note: The above information is offered not as a prescription or in place of proper medical care, but as a report on research findings which may be of interest. In cases of sickness, the attention and care of a nutritionally aware health professional are essential.

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