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Water Divine is a US company that produces a unique range of liquid Angstrom-sized Minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes using a completely new technology. At 10,000 times smaller than micron size, these minerals can be totally absorbed and utilised by the human body, and for that reason their effects are amazing. Below is Water Divine's current range of products and further down the page are links and resources that will help you understand what this new technology means, and why and how these minerals are so effective in the body. Until recently these products have been available only offline.

These minerals and vitamins operate synergistically in the body, and by understanding these Synergies and how they work, we can help the body deal with deterioration, disease and illness by providing it with the elements it needs in a 100% usable form.

We all know how important Minerals are for our health. They work with Vitamins and Enzymes to carry out every function in our bodies. Thery are also vital for body alkalinity - and if our body pH drops below neutral, we are opening our systems to the invasion of bacteria and viruses, cancers and tumours, and many of the diseases we fear most. The saying "Alkalinise or Die" is literally true.

We are all beginning to realise that our soils no longer provide the minerals needed by us, our plants, and our animals. What we very often do not realise is that the minerals we have been using to supplement our needs are largely unavailable to our bodies. The ground-up rock and other sources we have traditionally supplemented with are not designed for our bodies to use - assimilation is only 1%. Tricking them into the bloodstream by chelation does not alter this fact - the unassimilable mineral particles simply end up in the bloodstream instead of being passed out with the faeces. Colloidal minerals are little better. The micron-sized particles in colloidal minerals are still too large for our body cells - assimilation about 3%.

These mineral forms load our bodies with unused mineral particles which the body cannot utilise and then has to deal with. They end up being deposited in the organs and tissues as unwanted deposits, heavy metals and calcification.

Water Divine has the cutting-edge technology to produce the angstrom-sized mineral particles that our bodies were designed to use. These minerals are truly "organic" in nature, they are 10,000 times smaller than colloidal minerals and are 100% effective in the bodies of humans and animals. Because they are 100% absorbed by the cells, they leave no heavy metal residues in the body. Now at last minerals are able to perform their intended functions - and the results to date are truly amazing. This is how it was supposed to work.

Two of these minerals in particular are vital to us at the present time:
Copper in Angstrom-sized form is 100% effective against Parasites in humans and animals, with no resistance factor.
Silver in Angstrom-sized form is 100% effective against all Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi, while leaving beneficial organisms untouched.

The links below in the Resources Panel will give you an introduction to these minerals and how they work, together with some concepts you need to understand to fully appreciate what these minerals can do.

Explore the Resources below and find some REAL ANSWERS to the health questions you have been asking. The Nutritional Seminar Recording and PowerPoint is right up-to-date. To talk to a live person, send me a quick Email, or catch me on IM:

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