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Wrinkle Cream

This is a wrinkle cream that you can make at home using Water Divine's liquid Angstrom-sized Minerals.

Here is Walt Merriman's recipe:

Mix: (1oz. Zinc)--(1oz. Copper)-- (500 to 1000 mg Vitamin C)-- (600 to 1200 mg Sulphur MSM)-- (1oz. Magnesium)-----pour all in a blender then mix about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of plain gelatin for a light cream (let sit in cool place for 5 to 10 minutes) then apply.

To create a facial peel simply add more gelatin (1 full teaspoon +) and apply immediately after mixing. (Refrigerate unused portion)

*** As a footnote this mix taken internally (mix w/ juice) will help repair & rebuild hair, nails, sagging tissue, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, cartilage & bone (osteoporosis) & more.

For a spray mixture leave off the gelatin and try to find a liquid Vitamin C. - Water Divine will soon provide this product in a liquid form also.

Zinc (stops bacterial replication) is required as a base to absorb Copper (rebuilds flexible structure) which is required to absorb Vitamin C which is required to absorb Sulphur MSM (repairs connective tissue). The Magnesium is used to migrate the excess or unusable Calcium from the skin (calcification is premature aging - like bath tub scum buildup)----------The gelatin (plain) is only to be used when creating a cream or facial peel, but on the nutrition side it is the collagen (building block) needed to repair connective tissue by the MSM.

Notes from Walt: Through intensive research & study over a number of years, I have concluded that the best way to achieve smooth, flexible, wrinkle free skin is to feed your skin the basic building blocks that were used naturally in your youth.

Your skin is a very large organ, and absorbs its environment. For example an adult absorbs 2 to 3 quarts of water during a long shower. This absorption, without proper nutrition, allows your skin to inhale all large particles and contaminates that may be in your water supply.

For the ladies (who care the most) I recommend after a shower or bath to clean & rinse your face with distilled water. This will do a good job in removing particles & contaminates & prepare the skin to absorb real nutrition. Remember, calcification and buildup leads to premature aging.

Next, as often as you like feed your skin one or all combined nutrients above. You can spray directly on face or any other area as a mix or you can add your favorite oils & gelatin to form a cream or mask. Listed above is the nutrition required to replenish life to the skin as close to our youth as we can get it.

Walt Merriman
Water Divine
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